Fourth Nomadic Montessori School Opens

Wednesday 25th October 2023

Indigenous communities in Northern Kenya are the custodians of some of the largest remaining wilderness left in Africa, including many key endangered species. The long-term prosperity of these ecosystems depends entirely on support for children being born today.
The Sarara Foundation has recently opened its fourth nomadic Montessori preschool in the Namunyak Conservancy, bringing joy and excitement to the community. The opening ceremony was marked by celebrations and stakeholders from all over the region came together. The attendance of government leaders at the ceremony showcased their support for the pioneering mobile Montessori schools. These schools preserve Samburu culture and equip children to become guardians of their environment in a fast-changing world. Over 600 children have benefited from the mobile Montessori schools in Lengusaka, Tintil, and Ntaparani in the last four years. 
The Sarara Foundation has been working together with AMI since 2018 to establish high-quality Montessori environments to provide a strong foundation for life. Under the mentorship of Corner of Hope teachers Judy Mugambi and Terry Koskei, the Samburu Montessori schools are thriving. The children within the settlement areas of Ntaparani, Tintil and Lengusaka attend school on regular basis and there is huge community support towards the four schools. 
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