Global Diffusion of Montessori Schools

Tuesday 24th January 2023

On International Day of Education, celebrated on 24 January, we shared the article highlighting the impact of Montessori education on peace and development. The article "Global Diffusion of Montessori Schools," published in the Fall 2022 edition of the Journal of Montessori Research (Volume 8, Issue 2), documented that a total of 15,763 Montessori schools had been identified worldwide. This number illustrates that Montessori is growing every day with the work of our community which is committed to preparing children for a world of peace. This research was gathered from Montessori Organisations across the globe. Data will continue to be collected over a number of years. 

Congratulations to our research partners on this project, Mira Debs, Jaap de Brouwer, Angela Murray and our colleagues Lynne Lawrence, Megan Tyne and Candice Berkmann von der Wehl for their work in bringing this to publication.