AMI Joins UNESCO's Greening Education Partnership and Secures Spotlight at UN COP28

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

AMI is proud to announce that we have officially joined the latest UNESCO initiative, known as the Greening Education Partnership. AMI is now a member organisation of the GEP, which aims to inspire action from countries to empower learners with the skills required for inclusive and sustainable economic development within the context of the transition toward digital and green economies. 

In addition to joining the GEP, AMI is excited to share that, in collaboration with Montessori Norway, and Montessori for Kenya, we have also been selected to present at the upcoming United Nations Climate Conference, COP28, on 2 December 2023! 

AMI has been invited to showcase our global work alongside two of our affiliated societies in Norway and in Kenya. Our combined presentation will be part of the Greening Curriculum pillar, and we will delve into how “going green” is integrated into Montessori education and how we can support educators globally. 

AMI is committed to advocating for human rights and sustainable development, especially when it comes to children's rights concerning their education and development. By collaborating with relevant organizations and engaging with key stakeholders, we can promote AMI's perspectives on key policies both globally and nationally. Our partnership with the UN is a significant step forward in achieving these goals. 

During the COP28 presentation, we will be highlighting how Montessori curricula can actively engage with climate education from the perspectives of Norway and Kenya. Our aim is to demonstrate AMI's pathway to achieving "green schools" by starting with greening the curriculum. With a specific focus on Montessori curricula, which are government-recognized and applied in Norway for ages 6-12 and in Kenya for ages 3-6, we aim to promote successful collaborations with governments and education stakeholders. Our efforts have shown that a high-quality Montessori curriculum equips learners with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to address climate change and promote sustainable development.

What is COP28 UAE?

COP28 UAE will take place from 30 November to 12 December2023 at Expo City, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They serve as the formal meeting of the UNFCCC parties (Conference of the Parties, COP) to negotiate and agree action on how to tackle climate change, limit emissions and halt global warming. The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are the world's highest decision-making body on climate issues and one of the largest international meetings in the world.

The host of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, or Conference of the Parties (COP28) will be the UAE (United Arab Emirates). COP28 UAE will provide a milestone opportunity for the world to come together, course correct, and drive progress to keep 1.SC within reach - so we can meet the goals and ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

COP28 UAE will be a transformational moment for the world to unite around tangible climate action and deliver realistic solutions. Achieving this requires collaboration across civil society, governments, industries and sectors.

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