Interviews: The Inspiration Montessori Brings

Sunday 23rd June 2019

This year during our Amsterdam Annual Global Meetings, we spoke to some of our wonderful global community on the inspiration Montessori education brings them. Here is a small representative selection. Answers come from parents, trainers, Montessori pioneers, teachers, peace advocates, and specialists.

Junnifa: “The power of Montessori allows children to blossom and enjoy learning. I am excited about AMI’s work and any contribution I can make to bringing Montessori to as many people as possible.”

Mario: “Seeing my young son happy in his Montessori school invited further exploration. I found interesting connections between visualisation, supercomputing and Maria Montessori’s work. Montessori makes the abstract concrete and that appeals to me.”

Takako: “As a relief worker I kept on looking for how true peace could come about. I found it in Montessori. AMI is an advocate of peace; their standards are high, and they are a strong and established organisation.”

Shannon: “As a trainer I find it so rewarding when I see in the eyes of my students they have caught on to the philosophy and it has taken hold of their heart, and they have captured the spirit.”

Hillary: “Every country appears to be embracing Montessori — everyone wants it. This is a most promising development.”

Karen: “I was so fortunate to grow up as a Montessori child from day 1. It was so natural to be curious and investigate; making mistakes was part of this natural process. As an adult I truly appreciate these values.”

Victoria: “I loved seeing so many young people at the AGM weekend. This is a great sign that we are a vibrant international movement.”