Join Us in Celebrating 90 Years of AMI

Tuesday 1st January 2019

2019 — a year in which AMI will modestly celebrate 90 years!  

Not quite a hundred yet, but certainly a good number of years that we are happy to be sharing with you.

A lot has happened in all those years — and especially the developments, consolidation and growth of Montessori in the past decade is stunning, and very rewarding.

During 2019, our media channels (newsletters, blog, social media) will include small newsy bits on our 90 years — and here your help would be much appreciated...

Send us your stories on how the Montessori movement started and evolved in your country. Share anecdotes of Montessorians who are pivotal in our legacy.  Let us know how you will be celebrating 90 years of this great work. Contact [email protected] to share your stories.

Celebrate with us, share the 90 years logo with a link to our website in your publications and on social media.

AMI 90 Years Logo