In Memory of Carolina Montessori

Sunday 7th April 2024

AMI is very sad to announce that Carolina Montessori passed away, unexpectedly, today, in the early hours of Sunday, 7 April, 2024.

Carolina was known to many of you as the most knowledgeable person in respect of the details of her great-grandmother’s life and work. She was committed to ensuring that the facts of Maria Montessori’s life became better known and generously made them available  to others. Carolina was always willing to respond to the many requests she received to talk and share what she knew about her great-grandmother’s life and work. She was able to weave both the factual and academic aspects of Montessori’s life with the lighter touches that only family members may know.

AMI will miss her extraordinary contribution to the Legacy team and we will miss her kindness, her determination, her honesty and frankness, as well as her sense of humour. Carolina leaves behind a husband, two wonderful daughters and her close-knit Montessori family members.