Montessori Education's Impact on Academic and Non-academic Outcomes

Sunday 15th October 2023

This article is a collaborative effort published at the start of August. It provides a meta-analysis of 32 studies comparing traditional education to Montessori and concludes that "Montessori education has a nontrivial impact on children's academic and non-academic outcomes".

The main goal of this review was to assess how effective Montessori education is in enhancing both academic and non-academic outcomes, especially when compared to traditional education. Additional aims included evaluating how factors such as grade level, the type of Montessori environment (public vs. private), random assignment, treatment duration, and the period between measurements after the intervention influence the extent of the impact of Montessori education.

This is a valuable addition to the growing body of research that demonstrates how Montessori education can positively impact the lives of children.

Read the article here.