Montessori School Wins Not One But Two Important Architectural Prizes!

Wednesday 13th December 2023

The Simba Vision Montessori School in Tanzania has won the Architecture Project of the Year as well as Educational Project of the Year at the Dezeen Awards 2023, from an international field of 4,800 entries. 

The architects, Architectural Pioneering Consultants and Wolfgang Rossbauer were originally joint winners of a competition, in Tanzania, to design a Montessori school based on the 28 patterns identified in the new book "Montessori Architecture: A Design Instrument for Schools," which was the result of a partnership between AMI and the Arthur Waser Foundation. The book highlights an approach to designing Montessori, or other, learning environments that support the natural development of the children. AMI is very proud that this international award confirms the value of Montessori designed buildings that are culturally appropriate, sustainable and educationally supportive. 

Learn more about the design instrument that inspired The Simba Vision Montessori School in the AMI Talk with Benjamin Stæhli (author), Steve Lawrence (author), and Victoria Marwa (architect).

Listen to it here:

Learn more about the award here:

Order the book here:æhli/dp/3038603155

Simba Vision Montessori School. Photography by Nadia Christ.