Montessori Ukraine United Website Launch

Wednesday 21st December 2022

AMI has supported the development of the Montessori Ukraine United (MUU) Foundation. An inaugural Board meeting took place on Wednesday 7 December with a website launching on Friday 16 December. MUU was established following wide-ranging discussions with a number of stakeholders, and active Ukrainian Montessori Organisations on the most effective way of supporting Montessori education in Ukraine at a time of war and with the hope of contributing to rebuilding in the future.

Membership of the inaugural Board provides experience of governance and Foundation management, under a Chair with a personal understanding of the community and its most pressing needs.  Board members will be appointed in response to developing circumstances and with a commitment to building a broader alliance. Early priorities include the distribution of funds provided by the Montessori Global Growth Fund and establishing a school-to-school solidarity campaign to support current efforts already underway.

Montessori schools in Ukraine are making every effort to continue providing safe locations to educate children under extraordinarily difficult conditions.  As winter comes the need for financial support is even more urgent and will continue for many months to come.  Please consider helping in any way that you can whether through MUU or another agency working in the country.