New Edition of Montessori for Elder and Dementia Care

Tuesday 16th April 2024

We are delighted to hear that there's a new edition of Montessori for Elder and Dementia Care by Jennifer Brush and Margaret Jarrell. Written by international Montessori and dementia experts, this indispensable guide to Montessori for elders makes it possible for any care provider to understand and implement this innovative approach to aging.

In addition to covering all the essentials needed to begin and sustain the Montessori philosophy with elders or people living with dementia, this new edition includes guidelines for intergenerational programming, added forms and assessments, more ready-to-use activities, and a step-by-step implementation plan.

The new practical resources in the Second Edition include:

Job descriptions and sample policies for Montessori implementation

  • Full action plan with step-by-step checklist for adopting Montessori methods in elder care settings
  • Advice on planning and running an intergenerational program, including considerations for elders and children, a suggested format, and letters addressed to children’s parents and to the elders, explaining the benefits for each group
  • Advice on planning and running a Memory Book workshop for the family of elders/residents
  • Plus 30 activities, illustrated with photos, that includes the purpose of each activity followed by specific instructions, strategies for controlling error (to encourage success), and modifications for people of different abilities.

The book can be ordered at the publisher here: