Nomadic Montessori School Program

Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Meet Judy Mugambi

From teaching under the shade of a tree in a camp for Internally Displaced People, to becoming head of the Nomadic Montessori Schools program for the Sarara Foundation in Kenya, Judy’s story is nothing short of inspiring. 

Indigenous communities in Northern Kenya are the custodians of some of the largest remaining wilderness left in Africa, including many key endangered species. The long term prosperity of these eco-systems, depends entirely on in-depth generational support for children being born today. 

As such, the Sarara Foundation's cradle-to-career program provides children of Namunyak Conservancy with health, social, and educational support from birth through college and career. Their aim of our program is to break the cycle of generational poverty by helping children effectively learn, grow, and succeed. Guided by a commitment to long-term, large-scale change in an entire community they have seven qualified teachers among three Montessori Schools in Namunyak Conservancy.

Read her story here.

Montessori teacher Judy Mugambi with students