Unveiling the Kodaikanal AMI Centre for Montessori Studies

Monday 20th November 2023

“We had made a new discovery which was special and long-lasting, and it all came about in the hills at Kodaikanal, where practice and ideas met, and a better vision emerged.” Mario Montessori

Set against the serene backdrop of Kodaikanal (India), renowned for its captivating beauty and peaceful atmosphere, we are excited to announce the opening of the Kodaikanal AMI Centre for Montessori Studies. 

Beyond being a training centre, it stands as a testament to Maria Montessori's work, situated amidst nature's wonders and a community with strong cultural roots, Montessori conceptualised her unparalleled Cosmic Curriculum. This rich environment, where Maria and Mario Montessori observed, experimented and worked with children, is as wonderous now as it must have been then.

But why is this Centre uniquely positioned to enhance Montessori’s work in the world? Here, amidst Kodaikanal's enchanting landscapes, Montessori aspirants are invited not just to learn but to “live the spirit of Montessori” — an experience interweaving profound pedagogical insights with the place's historic significance.                                 

The Kodaikanal Project came to be through the exploration of Montessori and her legacy in Kodaikanal. Through diving into the Montessori archives, reading notes and communications from Kodaikanal, visiting her house—Rosebank—and the post office she frequented, and meeting those who recollect her time in Kodaikanal, the story of Montessori’s legacy has formed the basis for the Centre. We wish to continue this legacy by upholding and developing Montessori’s exceptional quality of training while being accessible to all, in the very same landscapes that inspired Maria Montessori herself. The Centre also plans to focus on outreach—spreading Montessori to all for a social impact in our local communities, through the work of Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF). 

Upcoming Course:
12–18 Diploma Course
Starting date: 19.02.2024
Trainer: Jenny-Marie Höglund
Learn more here: https://www.kodaikanalamicentre.com/ 


Kodaikanal AMI Center for Montessori Studies building
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