Update: Corner of Hope

Monday 28th March 2022

The classrooms and compound of Corner of Hope New Canaan look beautiful after recent renovations. There is a great variety of different activities done and the children work independently, with support from the teachers where required. The children greatly enjoy their daily adventures of learning, discovery, and friendship at Corner of Hope. They come in with a smile and show a lot of excitement to be back in school after holidays and weekends. There is a marked change in a greater variety of materials on offer as a consequence of the international training followed by Head Teacher Milcah Jerotich and Deputy Head Teacher Lillian Mwaura, and the online orientation courses followed by other teachers since the start of the pandemic. The teachers are doing a great job to support the children and it is very encouraging to see that the quality improved despite the long closures in 2020. 

There is great interest from parents in having their children join the school, partly induced by the quality of education they observe at Corner of Hope, partly by the impact of the pandemic on the livelihoods of the community, as parents struggle to pay school fees for their children in the local (government) schools. There are currently 210 children in the school, and every inch of the classroom space is in use by the children, working independently or with other children.

Practical Life MaterialsIn Corner of Hope Kisima the classroom environment looks in great condition and the children are working with focus and excitement. Innovative additions, such as a book corner, were made to the classroom on the initiative of the teachers. Teacher Danson Soen is besides a Montessori teacher also a carpenter. When he observed the need for more sturdy and durable furniture in the classroom, he decided to make the furniture himself so it would fit the needs of the children. He also used his creativity and carpentry skills to make a wooden drying rack which the children can use during their practical life activities. The new entrance of the school looks very inviting, and the classroom is well maintained, despite the challenge of sharing the space with the church which means that all the materials need to be packed away before the weekend. The commitment and creativity of the teachers and the great support of the community are clearly reflected in the condition and development of the school. Corner of Hope Kisima currently serves 55 children. 

Teacher supporting child_2The Corner of Hope teachers show a great commitment to their work and are very motivated to continue developing their understanding of Montessori and the development of the child. As AMI Orientation Courses moved online during the pandemic, the Corner of Hope teachers had the opportunity to follow online Orientation Courses at the Maria Montessori Institute London and the Prague Montessori Training Centre. Many teachers were committed to use this opportunity to refresh and deepen their Montessori knowledge. The value of this opportunity for professional development clearly shows in the teacher’s increased confidence and creativity in supporting the children in their classroom. MMI London and the Montessori Institute of Prague continue to offer free places on their online courses to Corner of Hope teachers, and it is expected that in the future, all those teachers who are interested will be able to continue to take Orientation courses in their fields of interest.     

For more information on Corner of Hope, please visit the Corner of Hope website.

Corner of Hope Montessori child in classroom