What are freedom and discipline for adolescents?

Based on freedom and limits from the under three-year-olds, through freedom and discipline for the 3–6-year-olds, laying the foundation for freedom and responsibility for the 6–12-year-olds, the adolescent has a very solid foundation for understanding that any society needs rules and laws which govern the society. Adolescents are interested in what freedom means, and what freedoms are given or not in various cultures and social groups. Adolescents are often very good at setting consequences when rules and freedoms are abused, especially in their communities. Having a structured debate around the necessity and validity of certain rules is an interesting way for adolescents to explore the topic. Creating such a formalised debate would mean that the adolescent would have to be pro or con on the debate team, research the role of rules in each society, and explore different systems of freedom, and different systems of consequences. All these experiences will bring each adolescent to a place where they can make informed, knowledgeable decisions for themselves.

Montessori Adolescent community meeting