How can Montessori architectural principles be applied in the home without renovating?

Montessori Architecture experts Benjamin Stæhli and Steve Lawrence answer this month's questions:

An interesting aspect of Montessori Architecture is that it is not based on distinct design features but on patterns which can be interpreted in many different ways. 

Our premiss is that those patterns can be applied in a variety of conditions and nearly irrespective of economical means. In fact, almost all of the 28 patterns, such as the ‘Articulation of space’, ‘Use of the floor as primary workplace’, ‘Offer of seclusion’ or ‘Creation of window seats’ … can be implemented within a single room by means of furnishing. 

In alignment with the Montessori pedagogy, our Design Instrument does not provide ‘copy and paste’ solutions but serves as an inspirational check-list for the creations of individual and appropriate learning environments.

Baby looking at reflection in low mirror