How to support a child who constantly seeks approval about their work and is not confident?

First of all, rarely correct a child – unless it is absolutely necessary. Correcting their behaviour is one thing; correcting their work with materials is unnecessary as the materials either have a built-in correction mechanism or the child’s development in realising the “mistake” is not yet there.  Many materials have a built-in “control of error” which “tells” the child they have made an error.

  • One support would be to ask the child to “help” you in giving a lesson to another child – choose something the insecure child knows very well.  This will begin to build their confidence.
  • Never discuss the work of the child with another adult within the hearing range of the insecure child.
  • Film the insecure child doing something very well and send it to the parents/carers. Once the parent/carer can see that their child is functioning quite well in school, the insecurity may begin to drop off.
Child demonstrating Montessori material to another child