Is it true that Maria Montessori did not create a school system for children under 3 years of age? Where can I find out about school education for children under 3 in Maria Montessori writings? What is the best bibliography about 0 to 3 years?

Adele Costa Gnocchi was Montessori’s first collaborator for this age group. in 1946, when she returned from India, Montessori consulted with Costa Gnocchi and the Montessori programme for birth to three developed after that. The NAMTA Journal Vol 15 #3 Summer 1990 is an excellent source for this history and for early writings on the age group. Sources by Montessori include: 1946 Lectures; What You Should Know About Your Child; and The Child in the Family. Also see Understanding the Human Being (Silvana Montanaro) and What’s Going On In there: Brain Development in the First 5 Years (Lise Eliot). 

Toddler pouring activity in Montessori classroom