"In 'From Childhood to Adolescence', Maria Montessori writes: "during the difficult time of adolescence it is helpful to leave the accustomed environment of the family in the town and go to quiet surroundings in the country, close to nature".

...However, this is not a possibility for many families today. What could be a substitute? 

For an adolescent the value of “leaving the accustomed environment” lies not only in working, studying, and reflecting in a physically and psychically healthy environment during a time of change and turbulence, but also in experiencing true independence and social responsibility. Parents do a lot for their children out of love, but it is hard for parents to hand over adult level responsibilities that adolescents need to explore—especially when other family members need different scaffolding at home. Taking on the responsibility of self-care, care of others, and care of the environment without any unnecessary adult help can be transformative for adolescents. Even short-term experiences in living away from home (trips, camping, short-term boarding experiences) awaken a new sense of capability in adolescents—as long as they are engaged in the planning, organizing, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and problem-solving that are the natural responsibilities of community life—guided by caring adults. 

Adolescents working in a catering environment