Where can I find information in Maria Montessori’s books about inclusive education and special need students. Best resources to learn about Montessori with learning difficulties? How does the Montessori system help children with special needs? How to help this child at school?

In The Discovery of the Child, Montessori describes her work at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Rome. Reading this, we see that her many scientific discoveries with all age groups began with her groundbreaking research, observation, and analysis regarding the developmentally challenged children she met there. We can help children with ‘special needs’ the same way we help any child: adapt the environment for the needs of the learners. As a teacher, I always valued that my AMI training pointed the way to doing just that for whoever came through the door. That capacity is our heritage. A new AMI Inclusive Education Course is under development to enhance it. 

Maria Montessori working with young child