How can we encourage parent participation in elementary Montessori communities?

There are quite a few schools that have to think hard on how to engage parents of elementary students and have them join in on school activities. One idea is to ask parents what kind of activities appeal to them, when they're free, and how they would like to be involved. Sometimes, once parents decide on sending their children to elementary Montessori, they've already reached a level of trust in the school and might not feel the need to further dive deep into Montessori (even if the elementary work still holds some uncharted fields).

These parents might enjoy guiding parents who are new to the school – at any level or may be interested in participating in any outreach programmes the school or the children themselves are involved in. They may be perfectly willing to help provide transportation for children on a going out. They could volunteer to teach children various cooking skills (from planning to cleaning up) for those times when students cook up and sell lunch.

Some parents might be interested in pitching in for the school's fundraising activities. Creating a survey could be hugely helpful to find out what activities elementary parents would like to contribute to.

Children outdoors cooking