I saw some of your MDA videos in a care home in Australia on YouTube. Is it really safe for someone with Dementia to boil a kettle and make a hot drink?⠀

The issue of whether it is safe or not for a person living with dementia to boil a kettle, pour drinks, use an iron, or even chop vegetables always depends on the strengths and abilities of the person. All people living with dementia are different with differing abilities and strengths. Unfortunately, in many care communities, all people living with dementia are treated in the same way and this means they are often robbed of their dignity, self-esteem and independence. What they are still able to do when they first move into care is quickly taken away from them as team members tend to do things for the person to make tasks quicker and easier. ⠀

A Montessori model is the true essence of person-centred care where each person is supported to be the best that they can be regardless of their level of impairment. Care partners and the person themselves are involved in this process. People living with dementia have the right to take risks and should be supported to be the best that they can be.

Holding elderly person's hand