What would you suggest for a beginner starting their new Montessori journey?

I am assuming they are beginning their Montessori journey after having been trained.  If not, then that is the first step.  Then, the first, most important step is to create the most beautiful, supportive, and inviting environment that will capture children’s interests and draw them to work.

Next or simultaneously we must devote some time to observing each and every child.  These observation moments seem fleeting in the beginning; that is natural.  In the Montessori journey, there is continuous planning of presentations based on the observations of a child’s development, their interests, and their needs.  Present, present, present.

When chaos erupts, which it will sit down and begin singing.  This will attract the children’s attention and some, if not all of them. will join you.  Sing some songs, tell a story, do a language lesson with a small group (3 or 4) and the others can choose some work – but give them choices.

Your goal is that every child leaves the environment each day having had a positive experience. And so should the adults!  An interrupted sleep cycle can have a negative effect on a child’s experience of the day.  Having to sit for a long time – or any time – for a group presentation that is not of interest to a child, can create a negative “school” experience.  This is especially true for children who need to move a lot.  So, keep any whole group time short – a few songs, perhaps one book and that’s it.  Singing and book reading can occur at any time during a work cycle – just not with the entire group.

The necessity for enjoying this journey is planning – planning which presentations are to be given – if desired by a child – every day.  Checking to see if the materials for the planned presentations are ready to be presented – every day.

And finally, don’t forget to be JOYFUL, celebrating Life every day with the children!

Child smiling up at teacher in Montessori outdoor environment