How should Montessori teachers approach new parents who come from a non-Montessori background?

The first step a teacher must make with new parents is to convey that the work they will do together will be a partnership to support the optimal development of the child.

Teachers are not there to tell parents how to parent, they are not child psychologists; they are trained to use a particular approach to support children.  Having said that, then it is imperative that teachers inform parents about the Montessori approach and values.  If there is enough consistency between parents’ and Montessori’s approach, it will be easier for the child.  Parents do need some information about what they are “purchasing” as an educational framework for their child.

Some schools provide information, print or digital, about our approach; some schools offer information sessions both prior to enrolment and once a child is enrolled.  An informed parent, choosing a Montessori programme from knowledge not from curiosity, will be much more supportive of the approach.

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