Each month we invite the Montessori community to pose questions they'd like answered by AMI.  Follow us on Instagram to submit your questions and we'll pick three each month to provide answers and post them here.

What are the disadvantages of presenting a material too early?
Why are number rods introduced later in the Montessori method when toddlers are already exposed to...
Can you explain the significance of sensorial materials in promoting learning?
How can we cultivate an independent sleep pattern in a classroom with 1:7 ratio?
Have there been any challenges in children’s language development in the post covid era?
How can we assist a child who doesn’t repeat the presentations that have an appropriate level of...
How can I best support children with learning and speech difficulties in the classroom?
What's a constructive way to guide a child who occasionally takes items from the classroom?
What are some inclusive approaches to engage both extroverted and quieter children during lessons?
What is the best strategy to help a toddler who bites?
How can we encourage parent participation in elementary Montessori communities?
Can you explain the importance of going out and it being implemented in the curriculum?