Each month we invite the Montessori community to pose questions they'd like answered by AMI.  Follow us on Instagram to submit your questions and we'll pick three each month to provide answers and post them here.

How can screens be effectively balanced in a Montessori classroom during the current times?
What are the biggest challenges Montessori education faces today?
What steps can be taken when a child has completed the transition but still requires assistance...
How can multiple languages be experienced in a Montessori environment?
How does the Montessori approach support the development of social skills in young children?
What type of training does Montessori Sports offer?
Does Montessori Sports have outreach programmes?
How do you balance the discipline needed for growth in sports with the freedom of the Montessori...
What is the best way to transition a child from Toddler to a Primary environment?
By what age should we expect children to start sharing?
What is the best way to settle a toddler?
How can teenagers benefit from changing from a traditional school to a Montessori school at the age...