Each month we invite the Montessori community to pose questions they'd like answered by AMI.  Follow us on Instagram to submit your questions and we'll pick three each month to provide answers and post them here.

By what age should we expect children to start sharing?
What is the best way to settle a toddler?
How can teenagers benefit from changing from a traditional school to a Montessori school at the age...
How has Montessori Education evolved over time?
How should Montessori teachers approach new parents who come from a non-Montessori background?
How do we maintain a library in children’s casa? Any practical ideas, recommendations, and...
What are freedom and discipline for adolescents?
How should teachers approach resolving conflict in a Montessori classroom?
How does Montessori education help students that may have special needs?
How to support a child who constantly seeks approval about their work and is not confident?
How to show my 3 years old to be gentle with the material?
What can a teacher do when the parents of a child appear too focused on purely academic achievement?