Ukraine Classified Cards
AMI continues to add new sets of Classified Cards to AMI Digital.  We are pleased to announce that the Classified Cards are now available in Greenlandic. A big thanks to the translators. The cards are now available in no less than 28... Read More
Adolescent in field: Growing the Future
Growing the Future. Download AMI's 2021 Annual Report. Read More
Young child looking at flowers
Financial donations are needed urgently to provide resources for the Montessori community supporting children and families affected by the situation in Ukraine. AMI is liaising with UNHCR and other organisations as well as the broader... Read More
Heads talking
At this year’s AGM online event , we are excited to announce that AMI, in collaboration with our Chinese and Spanish affiliated societies, will be providing live translations for the first time! What will be translated? The plenary... Read More