Sarara Foundation Nomadic Montessori. Photo by Jeremy Bastard.
Indigenous communities in Northern Kenya are the custodians of some of the largest remaining wilderness left in Africa, including many key endangered species. The long-term prosperity of these ecosystems depends entirely on support for... Read More
Child helping another child in a Montessori classroom
This article is a collaborative effort published at the start of August. It provides a meta-analysis of 32 studies comparing traditional education to Montessori and concludes that "Montessori education has a nontrivial impact on children's... Read More
James Lawrence, Montessori Sports Ambassador
At the 29th International Montessori Congress, James Lawrence, Montessori Sports Ambassador and professional football player, shared his insights on how Montessori education has helped him in his career. “Things like being in an open... Read More
Maria Montessori tulips with book on desk
The new harvest of the Maria Montessori Tulip. Forgot to order last year? Be quick to secure a box from this year's bulbs. The Maria Montessori tulip was created to honour her on her 150th birthday. Growing to around 40 cm., this tulip... Read More