Vivek High Montessori Institute building
We are thrilled to announce the Vivek High Montessori Institute as the new AMI affiliated Training Centre in Chandigarh, India! Vivek High's association with Montessori Education can be traced back to more than 55 years ago when its... Read More
Second Edition of Montessori for Elder and Dementia Care
We are delighted to hear that there's a new edition of Montessori for Elder and Dementia Care by Jennifer Brush and Margaret Jarrell. Written by international Montessori and dementia experts, this indispensable guide to Montessori for... Read More
Dance for peace
In celebration of the International Day of Peace 2024, AMI, alongside other non-governmental organizations and official partners of Unesco, is uniting to promote global harmony through dance. AMI is proud to join this initiative and... Read More
Voices of Montessori podcast
Mandy Cheskis and Margaret Jarrell joined Greenspring Center for Lifelong Learning on their Voices of Montessori podcast to discuss Montessori for Aging and Dementia and how this movement is changing care for elders. After painting a... Read More
AMI is very sad to announce that Carolina Montessori passed away, unexpectedly, today, in the early hours of Sunday, 7 April, 2024. Carolina was known to many of you as the most knowledgeable person in respect of the details of her great-... Read More
The Garden of Flowers Montessori Children’s House in Kabul, Afghanistan
The House of Flowers Montessori, in Kabul, was a school and orphanage operating in Afghanistan since 2002. It is dedicated to faithfully implementing the Montessori approach, both materially and philosophically. In 2020, post-Covid, it... Read More