Thailand OBEC and AMI Framework of Cooperation Signing Ceremony

AMI is extremely pleased to announce a formal partnership with the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) in Thailand to support Montessori education in OBEC schools. The formal Framework of Cooperation was signed at an online ceremony on the 7 April 2021, in the presence of Mr Amporn Pinasa, Secretary General of OBEC, Dr. Benjalug Namfa, Senior Specialist, OBEC, and Dr. Kanchulee Punyain  Educator, OBEC and President of the Montessori Association Thailand, Dr Kannekar Butt. The agreement will continue the long-term collaboration between AMI and OBEC to enable the training of AMI teachers and AMI Trainers to support the provision of quality Montessori education in OBEC schools. AMI will provide advice and guidance to OBEC on the implementation of Montessori education in these schools and at an AMI-OBEC training centre, which will be established.

This collaboration has come about through the dedication of  AMI’s Affiliate Organisation, Montessori Association of Thailand, led by Kannekar Butt, and the great work of the Thailand government to support the implementation of Montessori education in its schools. Their support of the Montessori International Congress is also welcomed, as Thailand will be hosting the event in 2022. AMI looks forward to the next stage of this important partnership with OBEC and to supporting its teachers and trainers over the coming years. Thailand and OBEC continue to lead the way in Montessori implementation in the public sector and we welcome their support of Montessori in the ASEAN region and beyond.

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