Our 2019 AGM was the largest AMI Annual General Meeting on record! With people from more than 57 countries attending and all its various lectures, meetings, and workshops the AGM offered a deep and enriching programme that left us feeling rejuvenated and inspired. 

A happy moment from the weekend.

AMI's 2019 Annual General Meeting, themed "Core Principles, New Horizons", was held at the Metis Montessori Lyceum, Amsterdam; this new venue perfectly suited the diversity of the programme and our fast growing number of participants. The new wing of the Metis Lyceum was spacious, light, bright and welcoming. We were delighted to work together with a volunteer crew of the Lyceum, which included a large group of Montessori adolescents from across town, who helped us make the AGM a memorable event for our community.

The 2019 AGM also was a "curtain raiser" to next year when the world will celebrate 150 years since the birth of Maria Montessori in 1870: Helen Henny, great granddaughter of Maria Montessori, entrusted to AMI's care the oil painting of the young Maria at age 13. Many of the community may be familiar with the black and white reproduction included in various biographies, but nothing tops the warm colours of the original. We will have a little restoration work carried out, and then will give the painting a prominent place in Maria Montessori's study here in Amsterdam.  Helen's was an incredible gesture, and we are deeply honoured.

There were other launches: the logo of the 150 years, and the "baptism" of the Maria Montessori tulip, which can be ordered as of this autumn.

This year's programme kicked off with the Africa Round Table, where practitioners, trainers and others working on the African Continent came together to discuss possibilities for collaboration and building community throughout the region. Friday evening, traditionally, opened the plenary programme by our board hosting an informal and lively reception.

Saturday started with the Affiliates meeting, where we welcomed three new AMI Affiliates: Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kenya. The afternoon programme consisted of the Annual General Meeting, which included an overview of AMI's activities and innovations throughout the year. The day was concluded with a presentation by Dr Laura Flores Shaw on Resilience. 

Sunday's programme focussed on Montessori work across the ages, and across society, with special focus on working with the elderly, people living in detention, offering sports programmes and building learning environments according to the Montessori principles. Two presentations on outreach work in India and Africa were a fitting close to the day.

The AMI Research Day was held on Monday 8 April, which brought together scholars, teachers and trainers. Paige Bray led discussions on Core Competencies, and attendees explored joining Communities of Practice that will be able to interact via a website to be hosted by AMI.  The keynote was delivered by Dr Ann Barrameda on The Cognitive Impact of Successive Montessori Programmes.

2019 AMI AGM Reception

Students at the Metis Montessori Lyceum gave a live music performance during the Welcome Reception on Friday.

2019 Affiliate Signings


2019 Affiliated Societies Meeting

Affiliated Societies Meeting opens on Saturday morning with a special introduction to three new Affiliated Societies: Armenia, Qazaqstan and Kenya.

2019 AMI Annual General Meeting

This wonderful cake was brought onto stage to mark AMI’s 90 years.  Nienhuis Montessori, who share our foundation date (1929) sponsored the occasion. The cake was cut by three of Maria Montessori’s great grandchildren, a representative from Nienhuis, the AMI Board, Young Professionals and staff.

2019 Montessori Forum

Rogier Dijk, teacher at the Metis Montessori Lyceum opens the Sunday forum.

What is Resilience? by Laura Flores Shaw 2019 AMI AGM

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